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From full replacement to minor repairs and anything in between, Anchor Roofing & Construction is proud to offer a range of commercial roofing services in New Jersey. We guarantee our work and demand the highest level of service from all our roofing experts, so you can rest assured your business property is in good hands. For affordable and reliable roofing services of all types, give us a call today at (908) 852-9995 or schedule a free estimate online.

Commercial Roofing Services We Offer

Anchor Roofing & Construction offers plenty of commercial roofing in New Jersey options. From full installations to maintenance and repair, we have you covered.

Initial Commercial Roof Installations

There is no shortage of considerations to take into account when it is time to install a new commercial roof at your business, which is why the experts at Anchor Roofing & Construction work with you from beginning to end. We make certain that you are delighted with both the work and our employees. We believe in complete transparency and offer competitive pricing.

Honesty and simplicity are vital to us.

Additional Protection

If you want another level of protection, consider getting a roof coating. This thin layer shields your roof from the elements. Although roof coatings are not permanent, they are an effective and simple patch to protect your roof until you can afford more extensive fixes or a new roof. Call Anchor Roofing & Construction at  (908) 852-9995 for more details.

Full Repair Options

At Anchor Roofing & Construction, we never try to upsell you on useless products. We will always promote the best option, even if it costs us money, which is why businesses prefer us for commercial roofing in New Jersey. Sometimes you do not need a brand new roof. If the damage to your building is not too extensive, we can effectively repair roofs and make them as good as new. Our team can assess your roof’s health and determine if you are a suitable candidate for repair.

Replacing Your Commercial Roof

Should you need to get your commercial roof replaced, Anchor Roofing & Construction has you covered. Generally speaking, correctly installed roofs will last between 10 and 40 years, depending on the material and design. Our team can visit your business and give you several options for replacing your roof.

The materials come with their advantages and downsides, and we will patiently review them with you to find the roof that is best for your building and budget. After this, our expert staff will install the roof with minimal disruption.

Keeping Your Roof Maintained

An excellent way to reduce the number of times you will have to repair or replace your commercial roof is to keep it maintained. At Anchor Roofing & Construction, we can schedule regular appointments to check on your roof’s health and quickly care for any causes for concern.

Additionally, you can help ensure your roof’s health by keeping the surface clean of debris, especially after storms. Do not work on your roof by yourself, as this is a task best left to the experts.

If you notice any leaks or loose pieces of roofing, call in the experts right away. There might be a more significant problem going on. In almost every case, if you catch a roofing problem early, you will save money later on.

Specific Types of Roofs

Commercial roofs are not all the same, and you can choose from a handful of roof types. The experts at Anchor Roofing & Construction can explain each option in detail to see if it is a good fit for your building.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are the most popular option for commercial businesses, and there are several reasons why. Compared to other options, they are relatively inexpensive to install. Flat roofs are also easier to maintain because it is very simple for personnel to walk around and maintain the surface.

It takes very little effort to install solar panels on flat roofs, and since many companies embrace alternative energies, having a flat roof is preferable for panel installation and maintenance.

On the other hand, flat roofs do not drain as well, and stagnant water can cause severe deterioration on the roof. If you are diligent about checking your roof, water should not be a problem.

Sloped Roofs

Although you see sloped roofs more on houses than commercial properties, plenty of businesses are adopting this style of roof. Whether they are slight or high pitched, sloped roofs are growing in popularity.

Sloped roofs solve the drainage problem created by flat roofs. Water runs right off the roofs and will not stagnate on the top. On the other hand, sloped roofs require more materials and are often more costly. It is much harder to install satellite dishes, skylights, or solar panels on sloped roofs.

At Anchor Roofing & Construction, we can assess your building and help determine if a sloped roof will be best.

Commercial Roof Types

In addition to the style of roof that you choose, you also need to pick what material you will want to use. At Anchor Roofing & Construction, we can help you select the most effective option without breaking the bank.

We have highlighted some of the common materials below.

TPO Roofs

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and is it an exceptionally popular roofing material. This synthetic material is single-ply and is especially suitable for use on flat roofs. That said, Anchor Roofing & Construction can install it on sloped roofs as well.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

If your company’s roof is either flat or low-sloped, Modified Bitumen roofing might be precisely what you need. These roofs are composed of five full layers of roofing that closely mimic asphalt and offers excellent protection.

Commercial Metal Roofs

For years, commercial metal roofs have been the most popular option for commercial roofing in New Jersey. They are relatively simple to install, durable, and easy to repair.

BUR Roofs

BUR, or built-up roof membranes, are comprised of layers of tar and gravel. They are popular on both commercial and residential properties and have been around for at least a century. The multi-layered effect of these roofs makes them very durable.

PVC Roofs

PVC, short for Polyvinyl Chloride, is similar to TPO roofing but not identical to it. PVC works best on flat or slightly sloped roofs and offers unparalleled protection against the elements. One of the biggest perks of PVC roofs is their lasting power. Properly installed PVC roofs can protect buildings for up to 25 years.

EPDM Roofs

Comprised of synthetic rubber, EPDM is made out of ethylene and propylene and is best used for sloped roofs, although you can also use it on flat roofs. It is exceptionally durable, and carrying out repairs on EPDM is a breeze.

As the preferred provider of commercial roofing in New Jersey, Anchor Roofing & Construction has plenty of experience installing all of these different types of roofs. Contact us today at (908) 852-9995 for a personalized quote.



How long should a commercial roof last?

Two factors will determine the lifespan of a commercial roof: the type of material and whether or not it is regularly maintained. A commercial roof can generally last anything between 20 and 45 years, with the longest lifespan achieved from metal, then asphalt. Single-ply membrane materials tend to yield shorter lifespans, say up to 30 years. Remember, regular maintenance and additional roof coating can add some good couple years onto the life of your commercial roof in New Jersey.

What is the best material to cover a flat roof?

PVC is largely considered the best material for flat roofing amongst roof specialists. They are particularly strong and durable and therefore enjoy a lifespan of up to 30 years with regular maintenance. Other great options for flat roofs include metal (the priciest option), TPO and modified bitumen. As with anything, the best option will be determined by your specific need, preference and budget.

How much does a commercial roof cost?

This will vary according to the material used, but you can work on around $1.50 – $10.00 per square foot. Keep in mind that asphalt will be the on the lower end of this range, single ply membranes in the mid-range and metal and on the higher-end.

In need of commercial roofing services in Hackettstown, NJ? We’re here to help! Contact Anchor Roofing & Construction today to schedule your free consultation with one of our trusted commercial roofing specialists.


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I would highly recomend Anchor Roofing for all of your roofing needs. Anchor Roofing does great work at affordable prices!
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